Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Silent Blogger is open to YOUR suggestions!!!

I haven't posted anything in a good long while. I had been very busy with some deadlines leading up to Thanksgiving. Now, I'm back to my normal schedule, still busy as always but with enough spare time to breathe and do a few other activities.

Thus, I've been meaning to and wanting to post for the last week but I'm unable to think of anything to say. I've been doing my usual reading, recently mostly the Quran with some Bible thrown in. I haven't read anything else like my occasional history or theology from any of my random sources. I've been going to church and jumuah like usual but nothing there has inspired me or made me wonder. I know there was at least one thing I read that I wanted to comment on but I didn't write it down and I've long since forgotten. It's very possible that the same has happened with sermons and khutbahs.

I don't think I'm in a slump of any sort; I just don't have anything to say at the moment. Therefore, I'm reaching out to my readers for suggestions. If you have anything you think I should look at or if there's anything relevant that's been on your mind, please suggest or comment. I really always intended on this being more of a forum than a blog, mostly because I was seeking advice and encouragement, so I'll steer more in that direction for the time being.

On that note, I also intend to look back over my old posts and their accompanying comments to see if they can get my brain working again. One comment suggested I talk to my local clergy in person and make use of the intimacy of one-on-one conversations that is lacking in online forums. I do intend to do that but I'm going to put it off until after Christmas just because I'd rather not have the many interruptions on both of our parts that accompany the season.

So for now, I'll just continue on my way doing my usual thing, reading and thinking. I actually do talk to people in person sometimes but it's a very select few and they're not formally trained in theology, just another lay person like myself.

Until I post again, which hopefully will be soon, peace be with you.

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