Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pastoral Counseling

I spoke to my pastor today. It went very well, actually. Looking back and knowing my pastor, I should've expected it to be exactly as easygoing as it was but it's kind of hard to tell your religious leader that you're having serious serious doubts and even considering leaving the church for something else.

Rather than disappointment, I received only support for my search and support in my final decision, whatever that may be. I don't know if my pastor is unusual or if they're all so cool but in either case, I'm happy to have such a resource at my disposal (I'm making my pastor sound like a book or a website, not a person).

We had a nice discussion and we agreed to meet more and I'll write more about it later. For now, I just wanted to break the news that I've told yet another person who knows me face-to-face and it's someone who will help answer my questions, clear up my misunderstandings, and argue theology with me.

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Anonymous said...

What exactly are you doubting about Christianity?