Thursday, September 6, 2007

Things I've Read

Even though I've talked to people and visited various churches and the local mosque, reading is by far the best source of information. I've read numerous books and countless websites and I figured I'd list them. A large portion of my readings are on Islam as my Christian upbringing provided me with all the basics of Christianity. Truthfully, until I met some Muslims in college, I knew very little about it. Through exposure to them, I learned about the basic beliefs and practices of Islam, which is what sparked my curiosity and encouraged me to learn more. Anyway, back to my reading list. If anybody ever actually reads this and has suggestions for future readings, please leave a comment. I'm very open to anything regarding either Christianity or Islam.

I think that covers everything in book form that I've read recently wholly or in part. I'm sure I've read other books on Christianity in the past but not as part of my current pursuit.

I fully intend to read more although I'm not sure what I'll read next. Although I don't have any books in mind, I know I'd like to read more about:

Like I said, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm very open to ideas.

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